The 2017 Black Wealth Calendar: The family gift that will last a lifetime and many generations to come

The Black Wealth Calendar puts wealth-building principles in front of your family every single day of the year. Designed by legendary Finance professor Dr Boyce Watkins, this took is just what your family needs to start a wealth-building culture and legacy. 











How the Black Wealth Calendar benefits you:

The Black Wealth Calendar features a wealth-building concept to focus on every month of the year.  As a result, your family will see wealth building and black economic empowerment as generational principles, not just trends.

Each month has a specific wealth-building principle associated with it, along with a personal quote from Dr. Boyce Watkins and three wealth-building tips.  Start the conversation about wealth-building with those you love by providing this calendar as the gift that lasts a lifetime. 

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Place your order today. Allow 2-weeks for delivery. Orders placed by December 10th guaranteed arrival before December 25th. 

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