Occupy Your Children: A Parent's Guide to Avoiding Educational Landmines and Guiding Your Kids to the Top - Digital Download

Millions of parents are stuck with the difficult challenge of trying to figure out how to help their children navigate through an underfunded, inadequate educational system.  As a result of numerous systematic failures of the federal government, millions of children are having their futures aborted at a very early age.   Dr. Boyce Watkins has gathered a collection of intelligent, conscientious, knowledgeable and empowered educators to give parents the secrets to ensuring that their children are educated to the best of their ability. Learn the tools being used by successful parents and educators who've supplemented the offerings of public and private education to help their children grow into extraordinary and productive members of society.

This audio product features in-depth conversations with four people who understand the educational system and how to overcome its limitations:

Dr. Mary Stoddard:  A mother of five with both a PhD and law degree.  Dr. Stoddard came from a large and struggling family to raise her children to be straight-A students with advanced degrees.

Dr. Worokya Duncan:  A Duke University educated PhD with extensive experience working with middle school children.

Dr. Tyra Seldon:  An English PhD with a specialty in urban youth education.  Dr. Seldon has designed curricula for students of all backgrounds and has a special love and affinity for students of color.

Dr. Christopher Emdin:  A tenured Columbia University professor who is one of the most widely-respected urban educators in the country.

Dr. Boyce Watkins:  A Finance PhD who is also one of the most respected black scholars in the world. He was also the only African American in the country to earn a PhD in Finance in the year 2002.

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