How To Build Your Own Black Empire And Not Just Bow To A White One (Digital Download)

Do you ever find yourself frustrated with the lack of freedom in your personal and economic life?  Do you ever feel that racism has a grip on your neck and isn't letting go?  Well, much of this stress comes from the economic imperialism endured by millions of African Americans, most of whom are busy slaving away for their oppressors in a hostile working environment.

Dr Boyce Watkins, a Finance PhD, provides some solutions to this problem in a ground-breaking new audio lecture that explains how he went about becoming his own boss and how you can do the same.   By freeing yourself up economically, you are then able to free yourself socially and escape the horrific grip of consistent racial discrimination. 

Take a listen to this product.  We guarantee it will change your life for the better.  Take a listen below to Dr Watkins discussing his ideas on The Breakfast Club in New York City. 

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