Dr. Boyce Watkins Presents: 5 Explosive Ways to Set Your Goals and Absolutely Crush Them (Audio Download)

Life is short.  But it can become very long and painful when you set one goal after another and find yourself always falling short.  In this world, there are two types of people:  Those who plan to do big things and those who actually get it done.  Success doesn't happen by accident.

In this audio lecture, Dr. Boyce Watkins takes you through a very simple, step-by-step process to set your goals and achieve them. Dr. Watkins, who was the only African American in the world to earn a Finance PhD during the year 2002, will explain how anyone with the faith and determination necessary to achieve can create a viable road map to any accomplishment.
Let The People's Scholar be your guide on your journey to the top. You'll be glad you did it.

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