Welcome to your future

Learn how to claim your Economic independence.   The Black Wealth Bootcamp is a series of lectures designed by Finance PhD Dr Boyce Watkins.  Dr Watkins has taught Finance to college students since 1993.  He is also one of the most highly respected scholars in the world.  

You'll have direct access to him in this online course.  

  Here are the course titles for this five-week program:  

  1. Escaping the Corporate Plantation  
  2. Financial Habits We Need to Let Go of Right Now
  3. Why You Were Never Meant to Have a Boss
  4. How People Make Money On the Internet
  5. How to Build Your Own Black Wall Street 

Here's what you'll receive in the mail (via USPS): 

  • A copy of It Takes a Village to Raise the Bar: A New Paradigm for Black America by Dr. Boyce Watkins
  • A branded ink pen and notepad to allow you to take notes during class
  • A frame-worthy certificate of completion (sent after successful completion of the program)